Our 250 SL Racecar

Several years ago we came across a copy of a 1967 S C C A rule book. We noticed that a 250SL was classified as an F Production car. We contacted S V R A (Sportscar Vintage Racing Association) and H S R (Historic Sportscar Racing, Ltd) and asked if it was possible to run a car like this with them. They said yes.




Vintage Mercedes Benz 250SL in turn 1 at Road Atlanta

When they told us that, we literally ran out back of our shop and pushed that rough, rusty SL in the shop, gutted it completely, sent it to the local stock car guru and had a six point roll cage installed.

Mercedes Benz 250 SL racecar

When we brought the car back to the shop, we installed componants from various other salvage cars, put in a racing fuel cell, Kirkey racing seats, 5 point racing seatbelts and a fire extinguisher. We welded the hardtop in place and installed lexan glass in the rear and sides. The wheels are from an early 80's diesel which are aluminum. We stripped the paint and polished them. We installed 225 x 14 yokohama tires and went racing. S V R A classified it in group 3F. H S R as a 2H. The car competes against cars such as Triumph TR-4, MGB, 4 cyl 914 Porsche, Lotus Cortina, Fiat 124, Austin Healy 100-6 and 3000's, some Morgan's.






Vintage racing the Mercedes 250SL at VIR

photo by F & S Enterprises

Vintage racing is a great way to spend a weekend. The vintage racing crowd is a friendly and fun crowd. A 230-250-280SL makes a very unique, safe and reliable vintage racer. It won't necessarily win, but that isn't the objective of vintage racing anyway, the objective is to have a fun time involving an interesting sport with people who have the same interests as you.


Mercedes Benz 190SL vintage racecar

Silver Star Restorations also built this 190SL race car.

If anyone would like to have more information on Vintage Racing. you can

send email to Silver Star Restorations.






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